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Welcome to my website. I hope you stay safe and have fun. According to the name, I'm the maker and owner of this site and my name is Matthew. I don't like animals. I love them! These wonders of nature start our everyday lives. This I am sure will get you an A+ but do you want refreshers from coming to this site? Listen to a joke here.  
Matthew's Animals is a fun, educational,safe-to-use website reccomended for anyone, Made in 2015 and is guaranteed to please everyone. It is a good website because it is clean, there are no comment boxes and it is linked to both education and entertainment. After all, if you can't go to the zoo, let the zoo come to you!
If not noticed, Matthew's Animals opened in 2015 as a smaller website than it is today, with this being its very first page. Today now it is an educational, safe-to-use website, with lots of animal photos, 99.9% being original.

Enjoy my new website!
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